Full Day : 8.30am - 3pm

Half Day : 8.30am - 1pm

Monday - Friday, every week (no term breaks)

  • Includes snacks and lunch

  • Flexible attendance and payment options

  • See below for pricing and schedules


Our Playschool teachers, Amber and Padma recently spent time training with Elle Hayes from Time For Change Consulting. Elle has a Diploma of Education (Early Childhood Education), as well as a Master of Education (Educational Research) and a Diploma of Counselling.

Our weekly activities have been carefully thought out under the guidance of Time For Change, an international educational consulting company with over 29 years experience in education. Time For Change's philosophy is to 'Reclaim Childhood for Children', with a focus on Play-Based Education in the Early Years, as well as building connections between parents and children through Parent Coaching.

Elle and our teachers worked together to create a schedule and plan the activities. 

From Elle Hayes:

'Amber and Padma were so enthusiastic and engaged in the training. They worked through many different activities, challenging themselves to learn more about child development and planning. I was really inspired by their desire to create the best learning experiences for their Playschool children. It was such a pleasure to spend time at Parklife with these wonderful teachers.'



The emphasis of our program is on giving children the freedom to express themselves in that magical period of life when everything is an adventure, guided by play, exploration and discovery.  We believe children in their early years learn as much through uninhibited play as through formal teaching.

Your child’s day is spent exploring all that Parklife has to offer... play and guided group activities in our beautiful park, free play time in our monster play structure, combined with calm and creative time in our A/C studio upstairs.

THE space

The children are lucky enough to have access to all of Parklife’s play facilities throughout the day, from the giant play structure in the Mad House, to the beach and playground sheltered under our beautiful trees.

Our studio is a serene haven tucked above the Mad House. A place bathed in natural light with a view out to nature and the stunning rice fields of Canggu.  A place to let natural creativity take over through art, crafts and creative play.



This is our general schedule however we can make adjustments based on individual needs, visitors and special events. Our daily activities are designed to promote individual attention, reading, writing, art, science, math, music, movement, and socialisation through play.

Parklife Playschool Schedule

Monthly Pricing

5 Days a Week

Half Day (4.5 hours) / 3.900.000 RP

Full Day (6.5 hours) / 6.500.000 RP ( also Includes monthly park membership for unlimited play outside school hours!)

3 Days a Week

Half Day (4.5 hours) / 2.700.000 RP

Full Day (6.5 hours) / 4.500.000 RP


Benefits of Joining our Playschool


For Children

  • Freedom to roam in our spacious, carefully designed and supervised park and playground

  • Wide range of world class play facilities

  • Vibrant, caring and welcoming staff to enable play and learning

  • Emphasis on play and the wonders of early childhood

For Families

  • Monthly payment structure

  • No hidden fees

  • No school holidays

  • Flexible attendance

  • Full time and part time options

  • Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the Wifi in the cafe or park and work, or relax on the same site as their children